Manufactured movement – Tourbillon Schwarz Etienne (TSE PSR 122.00)​

The Tourbillon Petite Seconde Rétrograde from the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection enriches the family of manufactured movements produced by Schwarz Etienne. Aesthetic elegance and technical prowess are qualities which come to the fore.

The Tourbillon line of the La Chaux-de-Fonds collection offers calibres produced entirely in an autonomous fashion, made possible thanks to the skill of its twin company and partner, E20 Innovations, specialists in assortment, escapement and the oscillating organ of the watch.

The TSE PSR 122.00 caliber manufactured and entirely conceived by Schwarz Etienne has a clear place, and manifests immediate legitimacy, in the distinct landscape of Swiss haute horlogerie.

This automatic movement, equipped with a micro-rotor, comprises a tourbillon that turns in an anti-clockwise fashion. Indeed, this latter feature was "simply" – to put it plainly – reversed. Making it irreversible!

But above all else, this caliber was conceived and ingeniously constructed in a modular and evolutionary way allowing it to be personalized with the technical desires of the master watchmakers of the company, true magicians with expert hands. And here is the result of the work, an innovation which features a fully visible retrograde small second function, one which literally floats on the movement ... a guaranteed pleasure for all lovers and enthusiasts of haute horlogerie. This simple sight of the incessant ballet of the small seconds is something which renders this feature forever spectacular.

This movement offers a 72-hour power reserve.