Schwarz Etienne manufactured manual movement (MSE 111.00)

The most significant innovation of the MSE concept, a movement entirely conceived and developed by Schwarz Etienne that marries power, modularity and aesthetic fineness, is a mechanism with two barrels coupled in parallel. This unique piece of precision engineering permits the distribution of power of 1.55 µw at the escapement to each additional module.

The mechanism has successfully overcome rigorous technical challenges:  inertia of 16 mg.cm2 and its ‘grand weekend’ power reserve provides impressive autonomy in excess of 4days.

The MSE Movement is based on the Schwarz Etienne principles of modularity and rationalisation. Aside from its integral twin barrel concept, the movement is designed to accommodate a number of optional complications comprising the inclusion of a second time zone and a power reserve display possible at 09:00 or at 01:30. These two features are integrated in the volume of the base calibre.

MSE Mouvement Face
MSE Mouvement Arrière