Schwarz Etienne manufactured automatic movement (ASE 100.00)

From the outset of its conception, the exclusive ASE automatic movement (ASE 100.00) was designed with a multifunctional vision combining reliability, modularity and aesthetic fineness. 95% of its components were conceived and produced in the Schwarz Etienne workshop and it is 100% Swiss made.

Among its innovations is a decentered micro rotor mechanism, a rare feature given its highly complex character. This reshaping of the traditional centric model allows heightened visibility of the movement, which is usually masked by the rotor. Another innovation lies in the micro rotor assembly, which comprises an oscillating weight fixed by an ingenious self-blocking key, thereby improving on the traditional screw system. The oscillating weight is distinctive, from its classic beveled-edge to the curved cut in its heart which emphasises the brand’s dynamic and graceful SE logo. Despite the reduced area of the micro rotor, there is no loss of power; its winding curve has proved itself under the most strenuous technical challenges: inertia of 8 mg.cm2. Finally, the movement’s 25 jewels achieve a significant reduction in friction, granting equal or superior strength to a more standard, central rotor.

ASE Movement Front
ASE Movement Back